"PM Brown: Don't Say Terrorists Are Muslims"
By Macer Hall, Political Editor, Daily Express

Tuesday July 3,2007: "Gordon Brown has banned ministers from using the word Muslim in connection with the terrorism crisis. The Prime Minister has also instructed his team including new Home Secretary Jacqui Smith that the phrase war on terror is to be dropped. The shake-up is part of a fresh attempt to improve community relations and avoid offending Muslims, adopting a more 'consensual tone' than existed under Tony

Now that we can no longer name the obvious, how exactly should we identify the terrorists?


I don't care what you read or see when it comes to the terror and mayhem that is raging in the world today. As of this minute, I want you to ignore reality and begin the process of blind pretense. As of this writing, you are to begin to implant the imagination to supplement reality. Cover your face with the veil of stupidity and feign ignorance of the truth. Perhaps in this way, the evil will not seem as harsh as it is.

The world around us is exploding with fiery rage unleashed by Islamofascist murderers, rapists, kidnappers and extortionists. Muslims in every corner of the earth threaten, intimidate and spill the blood of innocents. Suicide-belts were invented by blood-thirsty Islamists, who dress their mothers and children and send them into crowded restaurants, malls and shopping centers. These bombs are packed tightly with nails, screws and other shrapnel meant to hurt as many as possible. And so are the bomb-laden cars, which is the brain-child of fanatical Muslims determined to bring down the civilized world. Beheading is a fashionable pastime amongst those we are now supposed to re-define, and rampant kidnappings by Islamic terror groups know no bounds. Yet, we must not call a spade, a spade.

Do we clearly understand the picture? The world is burning with the savagery and brutality of those who claim to do all of this for the sake of their bloody Allah. Mosques are bursting with anti-Christian and anti-Semitic calls for the annihilation of all infidels. The whole Muslim world is inundated with press editorials that harangue and incite, and the television shows and programs hammer away at one general concept: namely, Islam's supremacy and the on-coming universal takeover by Islam. Everywhere terror rages in the world today, the ugly, blood-soaked imprint of Islam stands out clearly. But we are not to identify the color as black.

We are morons, nothing less than idiotic self-haters who want to be so politically correct that we shut our eyes to the obvious. In our stupidity, we go so far as to determine that the 9/11 disaster was deserved, because democracy is stepping on Islam's toes. In rewriting that horrible history, many in the wide world and in the US itself easily pretend that "others" perpetrated the atrocity. Not Muslims. Islam, after all, is a religion of peace. We believe their racist propaganda, so we try to placate the xenophobic Islamofascists by stuffing them with billions of dollars and providing them with every type of armament, which they then turn against us. Provided with the sanctuary and freedoms they do not have in their country of birth, they then turn that freedom into harassment, intimidation and destruction of the same people who granted them those freedoms.

Now that we can no longer name the obvious as obvious, how exactly should we identify the terrorists? Should we call them Hindus? They are not. Should we claim that the Irish are the ones? But they are not. Neither are Chinese nor Dutch nor Voodoo worshipers going around the world to kill and maim. Is it Africans or Eskimos? Who, Mr. Brown, if not Muslims?

I tried to adhere to Prime Minister Brown's new directive. I really tried. So, I began to study the faces of all of the terrorists that ever crossed the screen in the last few decades. Yes, here and there I recognized an Irish face, or a Japanese or German. But I dug through thousands of files holding thousands of pictures of thousands of terrorists. And I searched the annals of recent history, trying, really trying, to imagine that the faces I see staring at me are not Muslim faces. In my endeavor to change my thinking, I tried to imagine and pretend that the hate I hear in the poison-laden speeches are voices of European terrorists. Soon my image of all of the homicide-bombers began to take the shape of Catholics and Greek Orthodox and Protestants. But no matter how much I tried, the re-imaging simply didn't work. Pretending that what I see and know to be, is really not so, is in itself a lie.

PM Brown has not yet coined a different phrase to describe the battle being waged by the civilized world.

To thicken the plot, from now on, in adherence to PM Brown's directive, the war being conducted against the evil emanating from that other religion (you see, if I try hard enough, I too can mask my meanings in words I really don't want to use, in order to comply with Brown's stupidity) will no longer be identified with its known phrase: "the war on terror." PM Brown has not yet coined a different phrase to describe the battle being waged by the civilized world in order to contain the evil being perpetrated. He is currently looking for suggestions that avoid embarrassing-criticizing-upsetting the Muslim world. It is no longer a "war on terror," but rather the "battle against outside evil forces." Or, perhaps, "the multi-religious-coordinated-response-to-unknown-discomforting-explosions-shootings-and-murder-of-innocents-by-unnamed-groups." How is that one for ambiguity?

So, why is Mr. Brown trying to repaint the picture? Why is the Prime Minister of England so frightened out of his mind that he allows illogic to cloud his mind? Why does he ignore what has become a scourge and a curse? Where will he hide when the next car-bomb hits its mark? Why are we pussyfooting with the Islamist criminals who make our lives miserable? Why and for how long?