Morton Klein
Morton KleinYoni Kempinski

The Zionist Organization of American (ZOA) praised the Biden administration after it sanctioned several senior Hamas officials and a network of Hamas-affiliated-and-controlled investment companies.

The companies generate revenue for Hamas by managing a Hamas investment portfolio of over $500 million, the ZOA explained.

“We appreciate the Biden administration’s new sanctions,” ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said in a statement. “Impeding the funding sources of U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization Hamas is essential for combatting Hamas’ terror activities, massive rocket fire into Israel, antisemitic propaganda, and unrelenting genocidal goal, set forth in the Hamas charter, of murdering every Jew in the world and annihilating Israel.”

“But, we must ask, why is the Biden administration itself continuing to financially assist Hamas, by sending $150 million per year of U.S. taxpayer funds to UNRWA?” Klein asked.

“UNRWA hides bomb factories and rockets for Hamas in UNRWA buildings and camps; transports weapons for Hamas in UNRWA ambulances; employs numerous Hamas operatives; and teaches Hamas’ genocidal ideology in UNRWA schools,” he said.

Klein called on the Biden administration to be consistent with its policy by going after the financial ability of Hamas to carry out terrorist attack.

“ZOA thus once again urges the Biden administration to stop sending U.S. taxpayer dollars to UNRWA,” he said.

Klein also blasted the Biden administration for not denouncing the Democratic Party’s anti-Israel Squad members.

“Why has the Biden administration failed to condemn antisemitic Hamas-supported ‘Squad’ members? For instance, ZOA’s analysis of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s financial filings revealed that her financial backers include Hamas supporters, and a Hamas- related CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) political action committee, and CAIR officials,” Klein said.

Klein called the Biden administration’s sanctions against Hamas officials and a Hamas investment network “important steps in the right direction.”

“But the administration must act consistently and do more to disable the funding that enables Hamas’ terrorism,” he said.