Former White House Envoy to the White House Jason Greenblatt shared insights on the state of relations between Israel and the United States at the Jerusalem Conference led by Arutz Sheva on Sunday in Manhattan.

Greenblatt began by addressing the Iran Deal that the Biden Administration is currently negotiating. “I am still fearful. The Iran deal is a threat, not just to Israel and its surrounding countries, it is a threat to America. What we should understand from what is happening in Ukraine. Russia is threatening the U.S., its allies and Ukraine with nuclear weapons, imagine if Iran had nuclear weapons.”

Regarding Biden’s upcoming trip to the Middle East, he said, “I am not in favor of him visiting the Palestinian hospital unless he is going to visit it under the auspices of the Israeli government. The notion that he would go into parts of Jerusalem, without the Israeli Government, and pretend it's Palestinian is a huge mistake.”

“He’s messed up the relationship with Saudi Arabia in a huge way. He’s disrespectful to the kingdom, he is disrespectful to the Crown Prince, he said he would make Saudi Arabia the pariah that it is. And now we are begging for their oil.”

When it comes to the current status of the Abraham Accords, Greenblatt put forth a plan to strengthen relations in the region. He said, “You cannot fault the UAE for criticizing Israel from time to time. I think it is incumbent on anybody who supports the Abraham Accords and who supports Israel, to go to the countries and show them what Israel is about, and what Judaism is about.”

“It is incumbent on anybody who supports Israel to shout from the rooftops, ‘Don’t sign this Iran Deal.’”