returning the clocks
returning the clocks no credit

Representatives of bereaved families arrived Tuesday afternoon at the home of Defense Minister Benny Gantz and piled the annual gift they received from the Ministry of Defense's Family Division ahead of Israel's Memorial Day outside his house.

The representatives said the families are angry that the clocks they received as a gift are decorated with non-Jewish and non-national symbols.

According to the hurting families, they are shocked that the clock does not have a Star of David, a seven-branched candelabra, an Israeli flag or an IDF emblem. On the other hand, the Dome of the Rock Mosque and the At-Tur Church on the Mount of Olives appear on the clock. Also, the Islamist crescent appears 13 times along with the Christian symbol - the five-pointed star.

Along with the return of the gift, they attached a huge protest sign that read "We are in pain over the harm to the honor of the fallen and the honor of Jerusalem."

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