Ukrainian refugees
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British military intelligence accused Russian troops of continuing to employ improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to inflict large-scale civilian and military casualties, lowering morale among Ukrainian troops, according to a Reuters report.

"Russian forces also continue to attack infrastructure targets with a high risk of collateral harm to civilians," the Ministry was quoted as saying in the report, adding that Russia's pullback from parts of northern Ukraine leaves evidence of the disproportionate targeting of non-combatants.

Russian government sources have denied allegations of targeting civilians in its month-long campaign.

IEDs are a common weapon used by terrorists to inflict debilitating damage on large civilian centers, demoralizing opposing troops in the process. These homemade explosives often employ toxic or chemical agents to destroy personnel or military vehicles.

IEDs have also been the "weapon of choice" for terrorist groups including: Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban, the latter of which made common use of the deadly weapon during attacks against American targets and according to Wikipedia, were responsible for approximately 63% of coalition casualties in Iraq as well as 66% in the war in Afghanistan.