The site of the Russian stike on a Chabad yeshiva
The site of the Russian stike on a Chabad yeshivaJewish community of Kharkiv

A missile fired by Russian forces struck a Chabad yeshiva in Kharkiv where a Jewish school and synagogue operate and caused extensive damage. There were no casualties in the strike.

Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz, a Chabad emissary in Kharkiv, said: "This is a building where hasidim prayed during the communist era, and there was a seminary for the Chabad rabbi, Rabbi Aharon Tumarkin."

"In recent years, G-d-fearing young men have left this building, setting up families of Torah and commandment observant people, who today serve as emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe."

He said, "Despite the shelling of our institutions, the direct damage to the yeshiva, the damage to the synagogue windows, and the kindergarten, at the first opportunity we will build, renovate, and strengthen all the institutions, and expand all operations, more and more."

"We continue to rescue the community's Jews from the city, while at the same time giving food and medicine shelter to the remaining Jews," Rabbi Moskowitz concluded.