Lapid meets Romanian officials
Lapid meets Romanian officialsForeign Ministry

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid met with with Romanian Foreign Minister Auresc Sunday morning.

“I just concluded a working meeting with Romanian Foreign Minister Aurescu, and we’re now on our way to meet Prime Minister Ciucă for an additional conversation on the situation in Europe and the question of handling refugees," Lapid said.”

“After the meeting, I’ll depart for a tour of one of the Jewish Agency’s refugee centers here in Bucharest. From there, I will head to the Siret border crossing, where Foreign Ministry personnel have been stationed helping refugees escape since almost the first day of fighting.

“The Romanian Government has been working closely with us and was extremely helpful in saving many lives. Jewish children from an orphanage in Odessa, children with cancer who have been sent to Israel for treatment, and thousands of refugees that have escaped through the Siret crossing… their lives have been saved by the cooperation between us.

“I thank you, my friend, and I thank the government of Romania for your cooperation and goodwill. It’s additional proof of the firm years-long friendship between our countries, in both peacetime and wartime.”

“Like Romania, Israel condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It’s without justification, and we call on Russia to stop its firing and attacks, and to resolve this conflict around the negotiating table.

“Israel will do all it can to help reach a peaceful solution. We are working in complete coordination with our ally, the United States, and with our European partners in order to try and end this violent tragedy as quickly as possible,” Lapid concluded,