David Sharan
David SharanYehuda Haim/Flash90

David Sharan, who was Israel's cabinet secretary for former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office, is on trial for the submarine affair, and recounts his days in detention: "They interrogated my wife and my mother to apply pressure. They threatened to prevent me from being able to attend my parents' funeral."

He replaced former Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit in the position of cabinet secretary and was previously chief of staff to Yuval Steinitz, a Likud minister and confidant of Netanyahu.

"They use family members. My mother, over the age of 80 - they scanned her accounts even though they know she has no problem with her accounts, and they brought her in for questioning. What does a woman over the age of 80 have to inform you in an interrogation? It's just to break you. True, it's not supposed to be a pleasant experience, you're not supposed to sit in a hotel room, but there's a certain standard of what's allowed and what's not."

"They want to break you. As they suddenly surprisingly bring my wife in for questioning. They summoned her in for questioning so she knows she's under investigation. I do not know what she should be questioned about, but they tell you, 'Listen, we have your wife here,' and they put her in my interrogation room."

David Sharan suffered from bedbugs in the detention cell in Abu Kabir, similar to state witness Nir Hefetz. He recalled that he was "on a plastic mattress with bedbugs. You do not know at that moment that there are bedbugs, you do not see them, I have not seen them, but when you get up in the morning and you have are covered in these red bites, it is from bedbugs."