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Giving gifts to those you love is an all-year-round affair.

There are birthdays, anniversaries of your friendship, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and simply those just-because gifts to make them know how much you care about them.

When it comes to giving thoughtful gifts to your friends, it is likely you might feel some pressure. You want your friend to like the gift and you want them to love it as much as they love you.

So what to get your friend who is just notoriously hard to buy for? Maybe they have really picky taste. Perhaps they already have everything they want? Well, we are here to share with you some of the most drool-worthy gifts that your friend did not even know they needed until you gave it to them!

Here are all the best gift ideas for that friend who already seems to have it all.

1. A collection of throwback music

If your friend is into music—which, let’s be honest here, they all are—then they will love a throwback collection of the great hits. This can range from everything that includes all the top queen songs to even more recent hits like Justin Bieber. You can gift this collection to them in a range of ways. Make a special Spotify playlist that is curated specifically for them. Or, you can get all the greatest hits on a vinyl album and encourage them to dust off their record player to enjoy this wonderful gift of music.

2. The ultimate accessory for pet owners

If your friend is a pet owner, then there is likely nothing that they will appreciate more than a Harness walking kit package for dogs. This kit comes with all the dog-lover essentials, from a comfortable harness to a matching leash and poop carrier bag. Best of all, you can get this trio all matched up color wise so your pet and your friend can go walking as stylish as ever. The best way to any friend who loves a pet’s heart is through their pet themselves.

You may also want to consider getting your pet loving friend a pet canvas art gift, which will take a photo of their pet and design it into an iconic costume or setting. Not only is the gift hilarious, but it will ensure that your friend’s pet always has a place in their home.

3. Flowers that never die

Yes, you read that correctly. You can gift your friend flowers that last a year. How amazing is that? While giving flowers has always been something that friends love to give each other, there is nothing more frustrating than when those flowers only last a few days. However, these eternal flowers will be looking their absolute prime every single day. Your friend will love waking up and smelling the fresh flowers by her bed and will be reminded of you every single time they see them. An eternal friendship is really best represented by eternal flowers.

4. Military shadow boxes

If your friend is in the military or a retired veteran, there is no doubt that they can be hard to shop for. But one of the most meaningful gifts you can give them is a shadow box for military medals. They will be able to proudly look at the display that you created for them and know that you respect their service and their sacrifice. There are lots of creative ways to have their accomplishments displayed and professional services can help do it to perfection.

5. Work from home desktop

If your friend is still working from home, which most are at least part-time, then why not give them a gift that helps make their home space feel like an office space too? You can get them a

minimalist desktop that helps keep their worktable nice and tidy. In fact, studies are showing that strategically thought out desktops enable more productivity and less stress. So give your friend a boost in their work from home enjoyment with a minimalist desktop that they will look forward to working from.

6. The taste of Mexico

Move over tequila, it’s mezcal’s turn for center stage. This sophisticated Mexican treat is something that is all the rage right now and we know your friend will love it too. Not only is the story behind it unique, but it will help them show off their exquisite knowledge in spirits when they are next hosting a party. It will also help you elevate your tequila Tuesday nights to mezcal Mondays.

7. A custom chain link necklace

Sometimes simple really is better. And there is nothing more elegant to give when it comes to jewelery than a carefully crafted cuban chain from Italy. Made to go with all outfits and last a lifetime, this exquisite piece of jewelry will have your friend feeling special and spoiled. It is the perfect gift to give to any male friend that wants to elevate their style. And also perfect for anyone in general that you want to give a sentimental gift to.

8. A spiritual candle

Candles are one of the greatest indulgences in life. But not all candles are created equally. In fact, some of the most premium candles you can get right now are protection candles. These candles are made with Amethyst and poured with the intent to help get rid of any negative energy and enable peace of mind wherever the candle is lit. It is the Amethyst that is able to help your friend get rid of any of their negative emotions or frustrations and can also help them go into that meditative mindset.

9. Glow in the dark gloves

If your friend loves to rave, then LED gloves are the perfect gift to get your friend. All they have to do is put these gloves on and start dancing. The LED lights will naturally follow their hand movements and help them feel like they are actually glowing. With lots of music festivals set to come back this year, this gift is perfect for any of your friends keen to get their groove back on at raves once again.

10. Wireless headphones

No one has time to deal with wires getting in the way of listening. So why not get your friend one of the trendiest tech items of the year? AirPods provide a wireless, effortless and magical listening experience that uses Bluetooth to sync up whatever is on their device to their headset.

11. Snack deliveries

All friends need snacks. And all friends deserve snacks. So why not organize to have some of your friend’s favorite snacks delivered directly to their home? You can choose from their favorite drinks, treats and other home daily essentials, which will show up at their doorstep in a matter of minutes. Shopping for your friend really got that easy!

12. Essential lifestyle gifts

Every friend needs the life essentials, like a re-usable bag from Baggu. With so many different styles and price points to choose from, you can definitely find the right one for your friend and know they will use it as part of their daily routine.

With so many different gifts to choose from for your friends this year, shopping for even the fussiest of friends has never been easier!

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