British rapper Wiley has been suspended again from Twitter and Instagram after posting a torrent of anti-Semitic material on both social media sites.

Wiley’s Twitter account – @WileyRecordings – “was permanently suspended for violations of the Twitter rules on hateful conduct policy,” a Twitter spokesperson told the UK Jewish News.

An Instagram account bearing the same name has also been removed from the platform.

Both social media companies suspended the rapper after the UK Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) notified them about hateful anti-Semitic content posted by Wiley.

On Thursday, before his Instagram account was suspended, Wiley went live speaking about banks owned by “Jewish families” and accusing Jews of controlling the world, CAA said.

Wiley posted to Twitter a video titled “The Jewish Faces that Control Hiphop and Mainstream Black Music.” He also posted videos about “Satanic Jews” controlling “black music,” and shared a video featuring Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who said, “I’m here to separate the ‘good Jews’ from the ‘Satanic Jews.’”

Riley, who released an album in September titled “Anti-Systemic,” tweeted a photo of himself dressed up as an Orthodox Jews, while posting videos accusing Israel of racism against minorities and claims of “historical tensions between Blacks & Jews.”

According to CAA, he also tweeted, “If you work for a company owned by 2 Jewish men and you challenge the Jewish community in any way of course you will get fired.”

The advocacy organization also said that Wiley in one instance changed his Twitter profile picture to a photo of a senior CAA leader, and then “proceeded to taunt” them in multiple tweeted, and in a video on Instagram.

Wiley opened the Twitter account after he was banned from multiple social media sites in 2020 after he went on a days long hatefest against Jews, accusing Jewish people of racism, being “cowards,” and questioned whether it was anti-Semitic “to say Jewish people have power.”

In an August 2020 interview with “1 Po Show” on the FilthyFellas YouTube channel, he doubled down on his remarks, repeating tropes about Jewish power and money that saw him removed from social media platforms, including that Jews “run the Earth,” are very rich, and “stick together.”

CAA said in a tweet: “Having promised not to allow Wiley to return, Twitter has allowed @WileyRecordings to launch a new tirade about how to ‘separate the “good Jews” from the “Satanic Jews”’ and how “Jewish faces” control “black music.”’”

“Wiley has been able to return to Twitter and spout racist hate, even adopting the image of one of our personnel as his profile picture,” CAA said in a statement to the Jewish News. “Twitter has suspended his account after we called on the platform to do so, but the company has failed to prevent him joining the platform repeatedly over the past year, despite its pledges to ban him. The company continues to ignore a wide range of anti-Semitic accounts that we have brought to its attention, presumably because they fail to attract the same degree of public interest.”

CAA said it is examining its legal options, and that it has contacted the police about Wiley’s recent social media posts.