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The anniversary of the Green March will remain an important milestone in the history of our sister kingdom, Morocco. The royal speech on the occasion of this historic day remains a beacon that lights the way for the Moroccan people: it addresses the issues and questions in full transparency, based on the strong ties that unite the Moroccan leadership with its people.

The speech of His Majesty King Mohammed VI on the 46th anniversary of the Green March focused first on a major national issue in a straightforward, unambiguous manner.

“The Moroccanity of the Sahara is a truth as perennial as it is immutable[,] validated by the annals of history[,] the fervent wish of the Sahrawi population [and] a far-reaching international recognition.” His Majesty has brought into this vital issue the cornerstones of continuity and determination that are in the eyes of all as clear as day.

All the legitimacy His Majesty spoke of supported Morocco’s main national cause and ensured its rightness. Thus, all allegations aimed at undermining or even questioning the kingdom’s right over a large part of its national territory have been put to rest. The consolidation of the Moroccanity of the Sahara continues with confidence within the framework of a wise and balanced diplomacy.

The positive momentum of the national cause is unstoppable, as His Majesty has affirmed. The speech, reflecting the strength of Morocco’s position on the issue, was fueled by hope for the success and effectiveness of the Kingdom’s diplomatic efforts, which have indeed succeeded in gaining growing international support for the merits of the cause, support against any attempt to the contrary.

The issue of the Sahara, which was the focus of the royal speech on this precious anniversary, undoubtedly deserves such attention from His Majesty King Mohammed VI, not only because of its centrality and vitality in the Moroccan collective consciousness. It also constitutes the essence of the national unity of the kingdom, a cause of all Moroccans, as His Majesty stressed.

But all the more so given the rapid political and security developments underway, which call for the wisdom of the Moroccan leadership to address the current interactions and unravel them, in order to safeguard Morocco’s national rights while ensuring the precious security and stability for the region.

The main message of the speech is the centrality of the Moroccan cause as reflected in the national priorities, confirming to all that the Kingdom of Morocco, leadership and people, give this issue the place it deserves. There is no room for underestimation or intimidation, but for wisdom, rationality and self-confidence gained from the Moroccan position on the legitimacy of the issue and its legal, historical and political foundations.

Today, the Moroccan position on the Sahara issue has never been stronger. Thanks to the people’s confidence in its leadership, the national commitment to the cause is here to stay. International support is also ever stronger.

The US decision to recognize Morocco’s full sovereignty over its Sahara is a paradigmatic shift in international positions in favor of the kingdom's cause. It strongly pushes the process towards a political solution based on the autonomy initiative within the framework of Moroccan sovereignty.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI did well, in his speech, to focus on the evolution of the issue in all its aspects - diplomatic, legal and political - and to provide his people with an overview, without getting into things that could distract from the strategic achievements, successes and breakthroughs that Moroccan diplomacy has made, especially over the past year.

The presence of consulates from twenty-four countries in the cities of Laâyoune and Dakhla is the best evidence of the growing support Morocco enjoys on the Arab, African and international fronts. Morocco, which has openly stated that it adheres to diplomatic solutions to resolve problems and crises and does not count war among its preferred options.

It will not allow itself to be drawn into a cycle of violence that threatens the gains, security and stability of the peoples of the region. Just causes are always based on evidence and rationality, aware of the inevitability of the international political process.

And because this cause is the cause of all Moroccans, King Mohammed VI made a serene speech calling on his people to continue to mobilize and be vigilant in defending national and territorial unity, as part of a national approach to security and peace against chaos and conflict.

The call aimed to motivate Moroccans to strengthen the development achievements of their country in order to preserve all national gains. And nothing is more valuable than remembering the Green March to deepen the collective consciousness and confirm the strength of the Kingdom’s position on the Sahara issue as a national cause.

The event, the speech and the details of the march survive in the Moroccan national memory. The imperishable history, in which Moroccans gave lessons in patriotism, solidarity and confidence in leadership, remains an inspiration to loyalty in the defense of the cherished national territory.

The speeches of His Majesty King Mohammed VI have always been marked by frankness and objectivity, closely following Moroccan affairs, aware of the changing environment of international relations. And His Majesty’s positions are the embodiment of a deep strategic awareness, taking into account history and its lessons while standing in the present with its possibilities.

And as always, the spirit of the Green March remains a centerpiece of the Kingdom’s right to its Sahara. There is no way to change reality, nor to deviate from the best solution to this conflict: political action that preserves security and stability and protects the territorial integrity of Morocco.

Dr. Salem AlKetbi is a UAE political analyst and former Federal National Council candidate