Nose job (illustrative)
Nose job (illustrative) iStock

A female terrorist who carried out a horrific terror attack in 2015 suffered injuries during the attack and demanded that the State of Israel fund her cosmetic surgery to correct the damage to her nose.

The Haifa District Court rejected her appeal last week, Haaretz journalist Chen Maanit reported.

The terrorist was sentenced to 11 years in prison after she caused a gas balloon to explode in a machine near the al Za'im checkpoint near the city of Maaleh Adumim. A police officer at the scene suffered injuries, and the terrorist herself suffered burns, among other things to her nose.

Over the years, the terrorist has received medical treatment from the Israel Prisons Service, and she recently requested to undergo a nose reconstruction surgery. The Prisons Service rejected her demand to receive funding for the surgery, since it is not an operation which is necessary for her to function.

Following the rejection of her demand, the terrorist appealed to the court, claiming that the Israel Prisons Service must provide her with medical treatment, without questioning whether it is necessary for her physical functioning or not. The court, as was noted, rejected her appeal, and the terrorist will not receive funding from the Prisons Service for her cosmetic surgery.