Ra'am chairman Mansour Abbas
Ra'am chairman Mansour Abbas Arutz Sheva

Mousa Abu Marzouk, a senior member of the Hamas terrorist organization, criticized the Ra’am party for joining Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s coalition and voting in favor of the state budget.

Abu Marzouk wrote in a tweet that the Arab parties in the Knesset should have opposed the budget proposal, which he claimed "facilitates land expropriation, continued construction in the settlements and the siege of Gaza."

The senior Hamas official stressed that "the occupation must be dealt with through resistance and confrontation and not through integration and coexistence."

The Ra’am party, for its part, presented the benefits of approving the budget for the Arab sector, including: Recognizing the Bedouin villages in the Negev, connecting homes to electricity, allocating a budget to fight crime in the Arab sector, and providing an increased budget to Arab localities.

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