US aircraft and troops in Kabul
US aircraft and troops in Kabul REUTERS

The US fears Islamic State terrorists could target American forces in Afghanistan for further attacks, following Thursday’s massive suicide bombing attack near Kabul Airport left at least 85 dead, including 13 US service members.

The attack marked the deadliest day for US forces in Afghanistan since 2011.

Seventy-two Afghans, including 28 Taliban members, were killed in the ISIS bombing attack, which the terrorist group said had targeted US troops and their Afghan interpreters.

Eighteen US service members injured in the Kabul bombing have been evacuated from the country.

With American forces rushing to complete their pullout from Afghanistan by the August 31st deadline, top Pentagon officials expressed concern ISIS could strike at US targets in Afghanistan again.

Those fears, said General Frank McKenzie, the head of U.S. Central Command, have prompted the US to cooperate on a limited basis with the Taliban, against whom the US fought for two decades following the 2001 9/11 attacks.

McKenzie said the US was sharing some intelligence with the Taliban, and credited the Taliban with preventing attacks by ISIS on US forces.

We’re doing everything we can to be prepared,” said McKenzie, adding that “some attacks have been thwarted” by the Taliban.

Some 1,000 American nationals are still in Afghanistan awaiting evacuation out of the country.