Roman Zadorov in court
Roman Zadorov in court Arutz Sheva

The State Prosecutor’s Office informed the Nazareth District Court Wednesday evening that it has decided to hold a retrial for Roman Zadorov, who was convicted of the 2006 murder of 13-year-old Tair Rada.

A notice on the matter was also given to Zadorov's defense attorney as well as to Ilana Rada, Tair's mother.

The decision was made after the Supreme Court ruled in May that there was sufficient reasonable doubt to exonerate Zadorov and that a retrial of the case should be held.

The State Prosecutor set up a team of veteran and experienced attorneys, from various districts, who were not involved at any stage in the Zadorov case. The team was asked by the State Prosecutor to review all the evidence in the case and re-examine the existing evidentiary infrastructure in the case, in order to recommend to him whether there is a reasonable chance of overturning Zadorov's conviction. The team was also asked to examine the need to complete an investigation and transfer materials collected over the years.

After examining all the investigation materials in depth, as well as the various allegations raised by Zadorov's defense attorney, Adv. Yarom Halevi, in his meeting with the state attorney, the team recommended that the case be brought back to trial.

Tair Rada was found murdered in a bathroom stall in her school in the Golan Heights in December, 2006. She had suffered numerous blows to her head as well as slash and stab wounds. Zadorov, a maintenance worker at the school, was arrested and charged with the murder. He was convicted in September 2010 and sentenced to life in prison, a conviction he has appealed multiple times.

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