Shalom my friends!

On behalf of the State of Israel, I would like to wish the American people, and my friend, President Joe Biden, a very Happy Independence Day.

July 4th is a time to reflect on the values of freedom and human dignity in America’s Declaration of Independence.

But as we reflect on the past, we also look forward to the future — a joint future — of an even deeper friendship between our two nations, the United States of America and Israel, rooted in our shared values of freedom, liberty, and democracy.

America holds a special place in my heart. My parents were born in California and continued their lives here in Israel. I too enjoyed living and working in New York for part of my adult life. My story is just one example of many Israelis and Americans whose lives are intertwined through family, business, and social ties, which underpin the special relationship between our two countries.

In Israel, we recently formed a new government that represents the Israeli people’s desire for political stability. But it’s also the most diverse government that Israel has ever had, bringing together folks from all factions into one united coalition.

This new government deeply values our relationship with the American people and we're committed to a spirit of strengthened cooperation. We're going to work together very well.

I would like to thank all our friends in the United States of America - on both sides of the aisle - for your steadfast support both in times of peace, but also moments of tension in our region. We appreciate this and we don't take it for granted.

We wish you all a very Happy July 4th from Jerusalem!