Yair Lapid (r) and Naftali Bennett (l)
Yair Lapid (r) and Naftali Bennett (l) Gershon Elinson/Flash90

The Likud party doubled down on its claims of electoral fraud Thursday, accusing prime minister-designate Naftali Bennett (Yamina) of defrauding voters in the last election.

In a lengthy Twitter thread Thursday evening, the Likud sought to clarify recent comments by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he was not referring to the integrity of the March 2021 vote, but instead to Bennett’s decision to form a national unity government with Yair Lapid and the United Arab List, despite election promises to the contrary.

“When PM Netanyahu speaks about ‘election fraud’ he isn't referring to the vote counting process in Israel in which he has complete confidence. There is also no question about the peaceful transition of power.”

“There always has been a peaceful transfer of power in Israel and there always will be. Contrary to the manner in which his statements have been distorted, PM Netanyahu is denouncing the fraudulent promises to voters made by Naftali Bennett, who is key to forming this government.”

The Likud went on to say Bennett’s failure to uphold his election vow is tantamount to ‘hijacking’ votes, calling the move election ‘fraud’, and even referencing the US electoral college, comparing Bennett to a faithless elector.

“Throughout the election, Bennett promised not to form a government with Yair Lapid and the left and not to create a coalition with the Raam party that represents Muslim Brotherhood ideology. He even signed a written commitment to voters to that effect live on television making these pronouncements.”

“Right after the election, Bennett promptly violated each of these promises. He formed a coalition with the left backed by the Raam party and signed a rotation deal that will make Lapid the prime minister in two years. In doing so, Bennett hijacked votes from the right and shifted them to the left in direct contradiction to his pledges.”

“If this isn't fraud we don't know what is. Bennett's actions are akin to U.S. Electors unilaterally switching the voters' choice for president against the will of the electorate.”

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