Dov Hikind
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In a series of tweets on Monday, former New York assemblyman (D-NY) Dov Hikind, questioned why the left, especially Democratic politicians, are unable to condemn anti-Semitism without qualifying their argument by highlighting other forms of hatred.

Hikind’s Twitter thread was titled, “Why leftist condemnations of anti-Semitism are practically worthless.”

“Let's take a look back at how these condemnations of antisemitism have been handled by @TheDemocrats and what they reveal,” tweeted Hikind, who is the chairman of Americans Against Antisemitism.

He posted a tweet by New York City Democratic Councillor Brad Lander referring to recent anti-Semitic hate crimes that said, “We’ve seen far too many acts of hate this year fuelled by political rhetoric, whether assaults on Asian New Yorkers, anti-Semitic violence in Midtown, anti-Palestinian hate sprayed on mosques, or anti-Black slurs. NYC, we stand together against any form of identity-based hate.”

“But back in February when there was a spike of anti-Asian hate crimes, whaddya know, the condemnation was focused exclusively on anti-Asian hate. Nothing else,” said Hikind.

He posted tweets from earlier in the year focusing specifically on anti-Asian hate crimes. One by Lander stating, “The rise in anti-Asian hate crimes over our city is truly abominable. We will not let it stand.

“Why the different approach?” Hikind wondered.

In another tweet, this time looking at London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s statement after a surge in attacks on Jews, Hikind again called out the same problematic double standard.

“After two weeks of nonstop anti-Jewish violence being directed by pro-Palestinian mobs everywhere from London to NYC the condemnations curiously were NOT FOCUSED ON ANTISEMITISM,” Hikind said. “Despite @MayorofLondon recognizing the ‘rise in antisemitism’ he broadened the condemnation.“

Khan’s tweet said, “We will not allow anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or any racism in London and I’m determined to do everything I can to stamp int out.”

Hikind also went after Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for linking the "disturbing anti-Semitic attacks" to a "troubling rise in Islamophobia.”

“Yet, he was able to condemn ‘Islamophobia’ exclusively on multiple occasions, but never once did he condemn anti-Semitism singularly,” Hikind said. “Why? Why this constant linkage?”

Referring to the far left Squad Democrats, Hikind gave more examples, posting several instances.

“You'll notice that the Hamas Congressional Caucus also condemned anti-Semitism while equating it with Islamophobia as if we've actually seen a rise in both when in fact we've only witnessed a rise in violent anti-Semitism,” he said.

Hikind stated that he's figured out how these apologies work.

“So how does this work?” he tweeted. “When the anti-Semitic attacks were committed by white supremacists, the squad not only condemned it but called out the source of the hatred: white supremacy.”

He continued, “But what about when anti-Jewish violence is committed by other minorities? Then suddenly not only don't they name the source of hatred, but they broaden the condemnations against anti-Semitism to include ALL RACISM.”

He added, “And how about when it came to calling out Islamophobia on its own? Somehow that gets their exclusive attention rather than watering it down by adding ‘and all forms of racism.’”