Yigal Yehoshua
Yigal Yehoshuano credit

The kidney of Yigal Yehoshua, 56, who was murdered in a lynching in Lod last week and was laid to rest last night (Tuesday) in the cemetery in Moshav Hadid near Modi'in, was donated to Randa Awis, a 58-year-old Arab resident of Jerusalem.

After the long wait for the kidney donation, Randa could not believe her ears when she received the phone call: "I thought someone was making fun of me when I was told after nine years that I had a kidney. I arrived at the hospital and underwent the surgery," she told N12. "I thank Yigal's family, from heaven they will be comforted and Yigal is in a better place. For me, she has become part of my family."

"I wish for peace between us Jews and Arabs. All my life I have lived with Jews and there has never been such a thing. It hurts me for the little children who are harmed in this war. There should be peace between us," she said. "I feel much better now. This Jewish kidney has now become a part of me. My daughter grew up with Jews and speaks Hebrew like them. We are all human beings."

Doctors at Shamir Assaf Hospital fought for days to save Yehoshua's life after he was attacked and struck in the back of the head by Arab rioters in Lod last week, but he passed away on Sunday. His family decided to donate his organs and they were transplanted into the bodies of five patients.