Goldin Family
Goldin Family Courtesy

The Goldin family and the legal clinics at the Shaare Mishpat Academic Center, who have petitioned against transferring vaccines to the Palestinian Authority, claim that difficult questions arise regarding the correctness of the move.

The State Attorney's Office today sent a letter to the petitioners claiming that "following requests from Palestinian sources to transfer COVID-19 vaccines to the Palestinian Authority for medical staff, which will be transferred via the District Coordinating Office, the political echelon authorized to respond to the request and transfer 5,000 vaccine doses to medical staff at this stage."

The State Attorney's office also said that "there is no Palestinian request to coordinate the transfer of vaccines to the Gaza Strip."

In a response letter sent by Adv. Aviad HaCohen on behalf of the family, it was stated that the answer does not specify how it is possible to ensure that the vaccines transferred to the Authority reach only the medical staff.

The Goldin family is asking the State Attorney's Office for an answer to further questions: "Who are all those unknown 'Palestinian elements' who requested the vaccinations? Was the list of people on the medical staffs transferred to make sure that all 500 vaccines that have already been delivered are indeed intended for them? 3) Who approved the transfer of the vaccines, and did he consult with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Health or with other parties before making his decision?

"The smokescreen that the respondents continue to position over the vaccine transfer operation - as well as over the passage of goods, people, and facilities to and from the Gaza Strip - continues to disturb my client," writes Adv. Hacohen.