The Burning Bus
The Burning Bus Police Spokesman

Bnei Brak Mayor Avraham Rubinstein has formulated with the police chief a plan to restore order in the city after the riots that took place there yesterday.

"We will not allow fringe elements to tarnish the city and damage the fabric of our lives. In coordination with the police, with determination but with sensitivity, we will avoid violence and restore order to the streets," the mayor said.

According to the mayor, the municipality will from now on publish clear documentation from the emergency cameras located in the city and to constitute a deterrent to the "fringe boys" who harm the city and the entire haredi public.

"Any case of violence documented on the overt and covert emergency cameras will now be fully published in accordance with the guidelines of the law and will be dealt with in a targeted and prompt manner as has already been initiated in recent hours," the municipality said in a statement.

"It has been understood that alongside the strong condemnation of police activity in its unusual form on Thursday, we will in no way accept a reality in which a handful of extremists riot and rampage in the city and sow destruction in it as an outlet for passions and to create anarchy," he said.

The events of last night in Bnei Brak, during which a bus caught fire, drew a series of condemnations from the entire haredi leadership.

Israel Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef clarified that "the rioters in Bnei Brak are marginalized youths and should be shunned.

"I have heard with great pain and shock about the severe violence and blasphemy that has taken place in recent days in several places around the country, and the violent behavior of a handful of teenagers who have shaken off the Torah and virtues and good character," the rabbi added. "Those rioters must be condemned and shunned. It is a sacred duty of the mayors and welfare authorities to mobilize for the immediate treatment of these youth, who after all are part of our flesh and of course are a minority and do not constitute the rule."

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