Doha, Qatar
Doha, Qatar iStock

Qatar will not recognize Israel or normalize relations with the Jewish state, Qatar’s Foreign Minister announced last week.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said that Doha will not join other Gulf Arab states in normalizing ties with Israel, even after a breakthrough was reached last week towards ending the so-called “GCC Crisis” between Qatar and the other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, including Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Al-Thani said that Qatar will not recognize Israel unless a Palestinian state is established with Jerusalem as its capital.

“Qatar believes that if Israel is committed to peace, to end the occupation, the two-state solution, and the state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, and if there is Arab approval, we accept that,” Al-Thani told Al Jazeera on Thursday.

Nevertheless, Al-Thani vowed that Qatar would not dispute the decision by other GCC states to recognize Israel and establish diplomatic relations.

“The Abraham Accords is a sovereign decision and we do not interfere in sovereign decisions.”