Indonesian authorities extracted the remains of 62 passengers on board Sriwijaya Air flight 182 headed from Jakarta to the coastal city of Pontianak that lost control shortly after takeoff Saturday.

According to a CNN report, contact with the plane was lost just four minutes into the flight, with heavy rain in the area.

The report adds that Indonesian Navy divers were able to track down wreckage from the flight approximately 75 feet from the water's surface.

Authorities have now located the downed plane's "black box," crucial for determining the circumstances of the incident.

Al Jazeera, meanwhile, said an explosion had been heard in the area of the crash when fishermen reported hearing a loud blast at approximately 2:30pm.

“We heard something explode; we thought it was a bomb or a tsunami since after that we saw the big splash from the water,” said a fisherman by the name of Solihin.

“It was raining heavily and the weather was so bad. So, it is difficult to see around clearly. But we can see the splash and a big wave after the sounds. We were very shocked and directly saw the plane debris and the fuel around our boat.”