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The new Stimulus Package which President Trump isn't really keen on, is 'pork' for a people who have trusted their leaders, proven to be most unhalal in their self-induced determination not to abide by any peace initiatives between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel.

$250M. American dollars, in the name of retiring Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) is to be spent on co-existence initiatives between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs. To be sure, any monies that the Palestinian Authority leadership ever received, history has shown, has been shifty finger food, also known as, the Palestinian Authority Leadership Treasury.

In 2018, Congress signed off on the Taylor Force Act, prohibiting U.S. Taxpayer Funds from going directly to the Palestinian Autority, which enjoys writing checks to surviving terrorists and the families of those that don't survive their loved ones going to that '72 Virgin Lie In The Sky'.


The Palestinian Arabs have been bereft of a Life Coach from anyone they counted on to lead them. Only America and Israel have ever stepped up to the plate to show the Palestinians humanity.

David Samuel, in his article, "In a Ruined Country: How Yasir Arafat Destroyed Palestine" The Atlantic, September 2005, says: "The Ministry of Finance served most of Arafat's reign as his personal cashbox through the corrupt practices of Arafat's inner circle, so staggeringly large the amounts may exceed half of the total $7B in Foreign Aid-the biggest thief Arafat himself."

Yep, Arafat lived his life as a leprechaun sitting atop his private tuffet-the treasury belonging to the Palestinian Arabs in Judea and Samaria aka 'West Bank.' Now, no doubt Abbas and his mattress lie in wait from his $4M perch in Ramallah, 'West Bank', hoping he will be able to bypass the terms that come with the $250M, wherein no longer can the festering reek permeating the masses from their leadership, have access to the money.

Rather than holding my breath to see what comes of the above, I have an idea: Since the United Nations has saw fit to offer aid to the Palestinian /Arabs for years now, via not one but two agencies: UNRWA, The UN Relief and Works Agency For Palestine Refugees in The Near East, and UNHCR, The United Nations Refugee Agency, why not put them to better use than they have been?

Let these two agencies under the UN auspices, pick up the tab for coexistence initiatives. What exactly have both of those agencies done in consideration of Peace, anyway? It is time UNRWA and UNHCR directed their monetary weight toward real peace in the region, rather than simply pitching tents for a failed public relations display.

Any wish for 'tea in the sahara' between Israelis and Palestinians is currently but a dream.