Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu hosted a special event in Jerusalem Monday afternoon, honoring US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner for his role in brokering peace deals between Israel and a several Arab states.

The event was held at the KKL JNF – Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael's Grove of Nations in the capital, where a new garden of 18 olive trees is set to be planted in Kushner's honor.

"We are here at the Grove of Nations for the planting of 18 olive trees," Netanyahu said.

"The numerical value of the Hebrew letters of 18 is 'Hai', which means 'life'. The olive branch is a symbol of peace. Life and peace. This is fitting that we choose to honor Jared Kushner in this way because Jared, you played a critical role in the inception and implementation of the Abraham Accords."

"These accords have shown the world, and the Middle East, how to shed war and conflict and embrace the path of life and peace."

"In the last few months, four Arab states have chosen life and peace over hostility and conflict. And more Arab countries will follow as the circle of peace expands."

"You have left through the Abraham Accords a mark on our region. I don't think it is a passing mark, I don't think the seasonal rains will wash it away. It is here to stay."

Kushner called the four peace deals between Israel and moderate Arab states "planted seeds that will sustain life and bear fruit if tended to correctly."

"A peace deal is only possible when two governments, in pursuit of common interests, agree to take bold actions to better their countries and change the mindsets of their citizens."

"In 2017, President Trump was warned that recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital would set off an explosion in the Middle East."

"As it turned out, there has been an explosion; just not the explosion the experts thought might happen."

"President Trump's bold decisions have led to an explosion of peace. It turns out Jerusalem was not the cause of the problem, it was the core of the solution."