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The Israel Dog Unit (IDU) continues to ready its search dogs and volunteers for a potential earthquake.

This, after an earthquake struck Turkey Saturday afternoon and was felt in parts of northern Israel.

The epicenter of the tremor was offshore near the Turkish city of Alayna. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage anywhere. Residents in northern Israel reported feeling the quake.

IDU Spokesman Moshe Ben Israel said: "Better to be ready, than to be caught off guard. In Israel, we are the best at responding to emergencies only after they have already happened.

"The fact is that if scientists are right and Israel soon experiences a more severe earthquake, G-d forbid, thousands of bodies and thousands of additional people, still alive, could be trapped under the rubble.

"Massive rocket attacks could wreak similar havoc. Every operational search and rescue dog that is properly trained by the IDU, can save many, many lives," he said.