Rabbi Rafi Peretz
Rabbi Rafi Peretz Flash 90

Jewish Home Chairman Minister Rafi Peretz this evening sent a letter to party activists detailing the order that the party must maintain in the event of an election or in the event of another compromise.

The Minister wrote, "In the last two months I have been on a journey into the grassroots of Jewish Home, I have met with many members of the councils, branch heads, and deputy mayors. With all of you I had an open dialogue about the party situation and the processes to return the Jewish Home to its rightful place as the religious Zionist party."

He added, "The grassroots of the Jewish Home is the source of our power, and therefore the litigation with the representatives of the constituents constitutes the solid foundation on which we can carry out the internal processes that are happening to all religious Zionism."

Peretz said tonight "I came to Jewish Home to save the representation of religious Zionism in Israeli politics. I was called to the banner in times of crisis and what was at stake are the banners of religious Zionism. Now the political system is going through major upheaval. Our goal is to bring in new audiences and strengthen the ranks, but if we go to the polls, the schedule will be shortened and we will have to make the right adjustments and connections in order to preserve the power of religious Zionism in the next Knesset as well."