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Members of the Sovereignty Youth movement call on Minister of Education Yoav Galant not to allow maps that remove Judea and Samaria from the map of the State of Israel to be used as educational material.

The members of the movement sent the appeal after a research project done by Hodaya, one of the members of the movement, who wanted to examine the density of population in Israel.

Hodaya perused the book that is studied in the class, “Israel, Man and Place: Selected Topics in Geography”, and discovered, to her astonishment and disappointment that the map population density in Israel colors different areas with different colors throughout Israel, according to the various levels of population density, but the area of Judea and Samaria had no color, and was actually represented as if it does not belong to the map of Israel.

The definition of the color gray, the color of Judea and Samaria, meant that this was an area about which there is no information.

As a result of this discovery, members of the movement sent a letter to Minister Galant, in which they protest the erasure of Judea and Samaria from the map of the country and call on the minister to correct “the unreal situation of erasing the presence of the State of Israel in the birthplace of the Jewish People, Judea and Samaria”.

The youths also write that “in the area of Judea and Samaria, almost a half million citizens of Israel live and another almost 300 thousand citizens of Jerusalem live in the areas over the “Green Line”. Are all of those 800,000 citizens second class citizens, and not worthy of being represented in textbooks like any other citizen of Israel?”