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The vast majority of Americans are oblivious to the fact that Silicon Valley censorship and bias against conservatives is tantamount to interference in the November presidential election.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter are 100-percent trying to control the flow of information to the American public.

Google is using its monopoly power to engage in a form of election interference as well as to decide what information Americans do and do not get to see by manipulating its search engine.

Hollywood companies, including Walt Disney as well as Apple, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have allowed themselves to become pawns of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence.

Sadly, Apple and Microsoft help censor internet information in China at the CCP direction. Wikipedia, Twitter, and Facebook are among the major websites that Chinese users can’t access.

A new report from the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations is warning of a “new big brother“ emerging as the CCP expands its reach around the globe and reshapes the world’s narratives on privacy and freedom “using the pandemic to attack the fabric of the democratic system itself.

But taken together, Big Tech bias forms a very troubling pattern -- and raises more questions about the hidden dangers of Chinese-style censorship in America.

In a leaked internal video discussing the immediate aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, senior Google executives said they intended to make President Donald Trump and the populist movement that helped elect him to the White House a “blip” in history.

Whistleblowers formerly employed at Google and Facebook are urging Congress to take action on Big Tech bias before it is too late.

A Google whistleblower highlighted some of the material he uncovered, including the “Machine Learning fairness” program that transforms America’s open internet system into a Chinese-style system of internet censorship.

It is no coincidence that this wide-ranging censorship project was “conveniently fast-tracked into Google’s products immediately after Trump won the election.”

To add insult to injury, it’s also not a coincidence many of the design documents for the news re-ranking documents used fired FBI director James Comey’s Russian-Collusion investigation to inform how the algorithms at news.google.com would be changed.

Today we see wide-spread censorship in the media and censorship of websites deemed “conservative,” along with websites that challenge the World Health Organization narrative.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google’s video-sharing platform YouTube removing several videos featuring American frontline doctors questioning the mainstream narrative on COVID-19 and who promoted Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) both as a preventive measure and as a cure is a classic example of a limitation of free speech.

Americans must speak out and demand the medical freedom to consult their physicians and decide treatment options without government interference.

Why don't Americans have the freedom to use HCQ here as in other countries? What mattered was the death toll mounts as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) denies HCQ for outpatient therapy.

Approximately 48,000 more Americans have died during the FDA's 48-delay since this Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) was requested on July 1.

The FDA's misleading statements about HCQ matters mostly because it has ignored facts of effectiveness and lack of harm for outpatients that have been established in more than 50 recent studies.

Are we being conned? Were all the lies, fear and disinformation a concerted effort by Big Tech, WHO, FDA, CDC, and governors of Democrat-run states to ban HCQ and prevent its use for political gain?

Although Twitter presents itself as politically neutral, its culture behind closed doors is one of blatant censorship, systemic bias, and political targeting.

Project Veritas exposed Twitter for “shadow banning” conservative profiles, meaning the users were blocked from the platform without even being notified.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about Google is their willingness to cooperate with China’s military and share its artificial intelligence (AI) intellectual property, while simultaneously ending cooperation with the Pentagon.

Google’s artificial intelligence work in China is directly benefiting the Chinese military and puts the U.S. military at a competitive disadvantage.

The FBI and the CIA should investigate Google for treason if it has been infiltrated by Chinese intelligence.

Facebook whistleblowers uncovered not with only a few rogue content moderators, it was systemic and involved a consistent application of a convoluted and corrupt policy, all targeting conservatives which will lead to election interference.

Unsurprisingly, the Facebook lobbying powerhouse continues to deny the mere existence of bias.

Will Congress protect us against Big Tech biased censorship?

Florida Republican congressman Matt Gaetz who described Google as the most dangerous election interference organization in the world has this message for President Trump:

-Congress will not do anything on Big Tech because Congress was bought off by those companies.

-Troves of internal company emails provide compelling evidence that tech giants Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, in particular, may have violated antitrust laws while becoming market leaders in their fields.

The U.S. Justice Department is moving full-tilt on its antitrust investigation of Google and other Big Tech giants, the role of China, and allegations that their platforms were biased against conservatives.

Today we see wide-spread censorship in the media and censorship of websites deemed “conservative,” along with websites that challenge the World Health Organization narrative.
The Trump administration taking aggressive actions to ban Chinese tech and social media apps from operating in the U.S. on national security grounds, including its forced closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston is long overdue.

The left all-out war plan– from weaponizing the pandemic to Chinese-style Big Tech censorship to unprecedented voter fraud to blaming every societal problem – especially those they created on Trump is amazingly stupid and reprehensible.

Google is the world's biggest internet censor and master manipulator blocking access to millions of websites.

It's self-serving practice of blacklisting is one of many reasons Google should be regulated, just as phone companies and credit bureaus are.

The lords of Silicon Valley had been summoned yet again, only to continue their gas-lighting of the American people after years of relentless bullying of small businesses, the totalitarian dominance of the public square, and aiding foreign enemies, terrorists, pedophiles, and insurrection.

Given the precedence, it could be a crying shame if Congress will ignore what Big Tech has been doing in each election years to undermine America’s national security interests, public health, and economy.

Dr. Joe Tuzara, a humanitarian advocate, was a clinical research-physician-general surgeon for Saudi Arabian, Philippine and American healthcare systems and is currently an American freelance writer as well as an op-ed contributor.

Big Tech On Track To Rule America