Drone (illustrative)
Drone (illustrative) iStock

During an IDF operation on Israel's northern border, an IDF drone fell in Lebanese territory.

According to Lebanese media, the drone was shot down by the Hezbollah terror group, near Aita al-Shaab in Lebanon.

The IDF has confirmed the event, and that there is no concern that information was compromised, a Kan reporter said.

In a Saturday night statement, the IDF said: "Earlier today, during operational activities by IDF forces on the Lebanon border, an IDF drone fell in Lebanese territory. There is no concern of leaked information."

In July, an Israeli drone fell in Lebanese territory, also during an IDF operational activity. The IDF clarified during that incident that there was no concern of a breach of information.

Israel regularly deploys drones over Lebanon, in particular to monitor the movements of pro-Iranian terror group Hezbollah, an arch-enemy of the Jewish state and a heavyweight in Lebanese politics.