Bennett's J'accuse
Bennett's J'accuse Knesset Spokeswoman Adina Wallman

Former Defense Minister and Yamina Chairman Naftali Bennett today sharply attacked the Prime Minister's handling of the coronavirus crisis.

In a Knesset address, Bennett described the current situation: "I'll compare the situation to war with Hezbollah firing missiles and destroying a thousand homes a day. The government doesn't call up troops, doesn't advance tanks, doesn't bomb Hezbollah targets, doesn't gather intelligence, and in fact does nothing. Then the Prime Minister comes to a press conference and says: 'I'll distribute six billion shekels to the citizens of Israel to stimulate the economy.' That's basically what happened here."

Bennett says, "The most basic thing, setting up this army, hasn't happened until this moment. Give Gabi Barbash the tools. What does he need already? Decision-making authority, money with a tender exemption, and an executive body that is the Defense Ministry. That's what I was screaming for four months ago and now everyone's waking up."

He continued his criticism of the government: "You let politics prevail over the good of the citizens of Israel. Shame on you. I accuse this dysfunctional government that wasn't caught by surprise. This isn't the first wave. For four months there's been a plan; I gave it to the Prime Minister and the Alternate, the Health Minister, and the National Security Council head."

Bennett concluded: "Set up an army to eradicate coronavirus as they do all over the world, appoint a commander, give him powers, and stop the nonsense. What are you waiting for? We're destroying people's lives," Bennett concluded.

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