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Data acquired by shows that global searches regarding nearby jobs have spiked by 242.85%. The searches are based on queries logged on the search engine platform Google.

The site's data reviewed the searches between April 6 and June 29 this year, with a popularity score of 28 and 96 respectively between the two periods. The searches attained their peak popularity of 100 on June 11th.

Another high was registered on June 22, with a popularity score of 84 before slightly dropping by 10.71% to 75 the following day. On June 26th, the search registered another high of 96 before dropping to 57 two days later. Last month, the lowest score was registered on June 21st at 44.

Over the entire three-month period, the lowest number of searches were recorded on April 18, with a popularity score of 18.

In May, the highest interest was registered on 26th with a popularity score of 78. On the other hand, the highest search volume in April was on the 15th, with a score of 55.

The spike in searches related to nearby jobs can be attributed to various factors, the research report noted.

“From the data, it can be assumed that people have been desperately looking for work after being rendered jobless due to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. As a measure of containing the virus spread, most countries imposed lockdowns that led to economic shutdowns forcing many companies to send workers homes indefinitely,” the report noted.

The research also examined the countries which witnessed the highest interest in the phrase “jobs hiring near me” during the period under review. From the data gathered, the Philippines leads with a popularity score of 100, followed by the United States, with a popularity score of 72.

Meanwhile, Canada, with a popularity score of 21 occupies the third spot, followed by South Africa at 13. Australia rounds off the top five slots with a popularity score of 7.