destroying the terrorist's house
destroying the terrorist's house Enforcement Unit - Israel Police

The home of the terrorist who murdered IDF soldier Ron Kokia in a stabbing attack in 2017 was demolished Thursday.

Kokia, a soldier in the Nahal Brigade, was murdered in a stabbing attack at a bus stop in Arad in December 2017.

The terrorist, Khaled Abu Judeh, a resident of the Bedouin town of Kuseife in southern Israel, was convicted of first-degree murder in a terrorist attack, attempted murder and possession of a knife. In March 2019, he was sentenced to life in prison.

רון קוקיא הי"ד
רון קוקיא הי"ד צילום: באדיבות המשפחה

The Kokia family said following the demolition: "The family is in contact with law enforcement officials and received an update. After the partial demolition in February, today the state completed the demolition of the illegal home that had been in legal proceedings for about fifteen years."

''In this house, the two murderers lived with their polygamous father, one of whose wives is a Palestinian illegal resident and the mother of one of the killers. Recall that the Kokia family did not accept the apology of the father of the killers a week before the partial demolition. The Kokia family will continue to pay the penalty for failing to destroy [the illegal home] in time and trial of the murderers' father for the illegal resident. We thank Minister Ohana for his personal phone call today to the Kokia family," the family said.

The Im Tirzu movement said in response: "The State of Israel has done well well to demolish the house of the terrorists, the seed of calamity, from which the late Ron's murderers came. It is time for such moves not to happen years after the murder but immediately after an attack. Every lowly terrorist must know that if he wants to carry out his plot, his house will be destroyed and his family will deported immedfately."