Millions of shekels (illustrative)
Millions of shekels (illustrative) Flash 90

Yosef Chaim Machlouf, a haredi religious Israeli from the Givat Ze'ev area, noticed a bag on the road in the neighborhood a few days ago.

Picking up the bag, he discovered 40,000 shekel ($11,347), along with checks for more. Later, it turned out that the bag belonged from an Arab residing in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo.

In an interview with Kol Hai Radio, Machlouf said, "According to Jewish law, not only did I not have to return the bag, it was even forbidden to return the bag, unless doing so would sanctify G-d's Name, and then it would be permissible. So I returned it."

"Because of the situation with coronavirus, I decided to go above and beyond, and I asked G-d to act the same way with us."

During the interview, the Arab who lost the bag came on air and said, "In every place, there are good people and not good people. I am happy I ended up, thank G-d, with someone good, who returned the money to me, and I thank him very much. He's a holy man."