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Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, responded on Wednesday to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who had earlier responded to Khamenei’s publishing of a poster evoking Nazi Germany’s “Final Solution” to destroy Israel.

In a series of tweets, Khamenei explained that, in using the term “Final Solution”, he did not refer to Jews but rather only to the State of Israel.

“The Zionist regime has proven it won’t abide by any treaty & understands no logic except force. The nature of the Zionist regime is incompatible with peace, because the Zionists seek to expand their territories & will certainly not be limited to what they have already occupied,” he wrote.

“Eliminating the Zionist regime doesn’t mean eliminating Jews. We aren’t against Jews. It means abolishing the imposed regime & Muslim, Christian & Jewish Palestinians choose their own govt & expel thugs like Netanyahu. This is ‘Eliminating Israel’ & it will happen,” added Khamenei.

In another tweet, Khamenei stressed, “We will support and assist any nation or any group anywhere who opposes and fights the Zionist regime, and we do not hesitate to say this.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Netanyahu responded to Khamenei’s threats and said, "Khamenei's threats to implement the ‘Final Solution’ against Israel are reminiscent of the Nazi ‘Final Solution’ plan for the destruction of the Jewish people. He must know that any regime that threatens Israel with extermination will find itself in similar danger.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also commented on the Iranian Supreme Leader's threat, saying, "Khamenei's crazy and anti-Semitic rhetoric does not represent the tolerance of the Iranian people."

"The United States condemns the disgusting and hateful statements of Supreme Leader Khamenei. They have no place on Twitter or any other social media platform," Pompeo said.

This, of course, is hardly the first time that the Iranian Supreme Leader has threatened Israel.

He has several times in the past referred to the Jewish state as a “cancer” and threatened to "annihilate" the cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Just this past Saturday, he posted a threatening tweet against Israel in which he wrote, “The Zionist regime has proven it doesn’t abide by any treaty & doesn't understand any language but the language of force. Israel has proven it only knows force.”

Similar to his comments on Wednesday, last November Khamenei stressed that his country is not against the Jews, only against the “Israeli regime” and the State of Israel, which he described as an "imposed state".