Netanyahu and Gantz
Netanyahu and GantzReuters

The unity government is expected to be sworn in this evening. Yesterday, coalition agreements were signed with the Shas, UTJ, and Gesher parties.

The Knesset Regulatory Committee is set to meet today at six o'clock in the afternoon. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will open the meeting and present the incoming prime minister as well as his alternate, Benny Gantz, along with the basic outlines of the incoming government and its composition. He will detail the allocation of the ministerial portfolios and the dates, where relevant, on which the portfolios will change hands.

Following his presentation, Benny Gantz, who will replace Netanyahu as prime minister eighteen months into the new government under the rotation agreement, will speak. The head of the opposition, Yair Lapid, will also speak, and then each party will be given nine minutes to address the meeting.

After the party speeches, a vote will be held to choose the new Knesset Speaker, followed by a vote to express confidence in the incoming government. The incoming prime minister, the alternate prime minister, and the incoming ministers will then swear allegiance to the government.