Maj. Gen. Tmir Yadai
Maj. Gen. Tmir Yadai צילום: גדי סיארה

Major General Tamir Yadai, the commander of the IDF Home Front Command, warned Thursday that the Israeli home front may be exposed to cyber-attacks during wartime and that the threat of cyber-terrorism could be the greatest threat Israel has faced since 1948.

"Looking at the civilian front, I am not sure that all the factors are equally prepared and the weak links in the chain should be looked at," Yadai said at the local government conference MUNI EXPO 2020 in Tel Aviv.

"The threat posed to the State of Israel today is greater in its magnitude than it has been from 1948 to the present," Yadai warned. "We have to understand that the perception on the other side has also changed and the scope of the attacks is steep, in terms of its quantity, weight and strength of their accuracy. The challenge has become multidimensional."

"This is not the same nuisance [cyber-attacks] that we encountered during Operation Protective Edge or the Second Lebanon War. It is a threat that has the ability to significantly interfere in some places and even paralyze functions in the home front. In the past we could separate the home front from the front lines, but today such a separation is meaningless," he added.

He elaborated on the threat: "When we kill a commander in the Gaza Strip, Tel Aviv can also be brought to a standstill for several hours. Therefore, due to this close relationship, no one will go to maneuver in Lebanon or Gaza and will certainly not worry about extending the time of the fighting if he does not think the home front is functioning properly."

"To a large extent, the home front's ability to function is the insurance policy of the attack. It will not be easy to make the victory so obvious if the home front is not strong enough," the general said

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