Avi Dichter
Avi Dichter Flash 90

Deputy Defense Minister Avi Dicther (Likud) on Monday slammed the Labor-Gesher party's decision to join with the extreme left Meretz.

"I feel embarrassed about the fact that the Labor party chose to join with Meretz, a party which submitted a reservation during the second reading of the Nationality Law, suggesting switching the State's national anthem with The Internationale," Dichter told Reshet Bet.

"Anyone who thinks this is a gimmick should examine the ceremony in which Tamar Zandberg was chosen to head the party. They sang The Internationale there.

"I'm not sure they checked who they're entering the marriage canopy with. I feel embarrassed for [Labor Chairman MK] Amir Peretz and [Gesher Chairwoman MK] Orly Levi-Abekasis. She signed on the Naitonality Law."

Dichter emphasized: "When we passed the 'Pay to Slay' law, 87 MKs from most of the parties voted in favor of it, and only 15 voted against it - members of the Meretz and the Joint Arab List. I'm not sure the Labor people were thinking about that. Something bad has happened there."