Netanyahu, Sa'ar
Netanyahu, Sa'ar Flash 90

MK Nir Barkat today accompanied the Prime Minister and his wife on their way to the Likud primaries.

In conversation with Arutz Sheva Barkat expressed hope that Gideon Sa'ar could stand behind Netanyahu if he wins. "I predict that tomorrow morning Gideon will have to get up and think about how he fits in and help us win the elections. Today he explains that Bibi can't win the elections, tomorrow he'll explain how he's mobilized for the cause and I hope he recalculates."

Binyamin Netanyahu, Gideon Sa'ar
Binyamin Netanyahu, Gideon Sa'ar Flash 90

Barkat says the arguments regarding Netanyahu's cases are not connected with the party's internal elections. "One who respects the law as I do knows Netanyahu can certainly remain prime minister with an indictment as well. I know people who have been in a similar situation and after years came out innocent. He enjoys the presumption of innocence and therefore in the primaries we should ask the question who is the most suitable person, and there's no doubt that the Prime Minister is most suitable.

"Despite the cold and rain people are coming and voting. I ask our friends not to stay home, to come as soon as possible and support Netanyahu," Barkat concluded.

ח"כ ברקת: "אנשים מגיעים למרות הקור והגשם, לתמוך בנתניהו"

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