A business networking event was held last week in Jerusalem at the Urban Place for female entrepreneurs called Girls Just Want to Have Fun in honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW).

The event brought together dozens of female start-up owners and investors, providing an opportunity for Israeli female business owners to network with both investors and other business owners. Entrepreneurs of start-ups in various stages came from all over Israel for the event.

The evening opened with a "speed dating" session during which each of the investors sat in a private room. Each entrepreneur was able to meet for a short time with each investor to present their start-up, get feedback and ask questions.

One of the speakers, Jonathan Caras, spoke about his turning point as an entrepreneur, which occurred after 50 rejections from investors. "We were very firm about our viewpoint of our product, an app for greeting cards with photographs. It was only after many many rejections that we understood that maybe we're not explaining ourselves as well as we should and maybe it would be worthwhile to change our direction a little bit."

After Caras and his partners made some changes to their business strategy and altered their product about five times, they found investors. Later they realized that the changes they made were very significant.

"Our first success came after many many failures. Only people with a lot of curiosity and humility will succeed."