Rami Beracha and Shmuel Mordechai
Rami Beracha and Shmuel Mordechaiצילום: Roi Weinberger

Over the past few weeks, 21 of our best civilians, soldiers wounded during their service in various degrees of injury, have embarked on a campaign to conquer one of the Himalayan summits in northern India, tens of kilometers up to the Canadian-La crossing of the Himalayas - an altitude of about 5,000 meters above sea level. This is the fifth year in a row that the "Liberation Trip" initiative of the Friends Association of the IDF Disabled (and in collaboration with El Al). The idea of ​​the Friends Association was born during Operation Protective Edge, in which wounded soldiers said in frustration that they were going to lose the great post-army trip. It is good to have someone lift the glove.

One of the stars of the journey

One of the participants was Shmuel Mordechai, 28, from Ramla.

Samuel has lived for many years with a syndrome called CRPS, which causes chronic and very severe pain in some area of ​​the body. Mordechai began suffering from the syndrome following an injury he experienced during his military service as a Kfir fighter. He had surgery on his right leg and then his condition worsened.

About two years ago, after his condition became even worse and he suffered long sleepless nights, his doctors presented him with a new option - a leg amputation above the knee.

After discussing the issue with his psychologist for a year, he realized that this was the only way to get back to normal life and begin the real restoration of his body and mind.

The trip accompanied a number of people who supported and helped the young people in their challenging times on their way to the summit.

Rami Beracha as a role model

One of the escorts for the trip was Rami Beracha (57). Beracha was injured during the Second Lebanon War when he hit a mine. As a result of the severe injury, Beracha lost his arm and leg, which did not stop him from fully recovering and achieving significant achievements in the business world, as one of Israel's most famous venture capital investors.

Today Beracha serves as a board member for Sosa, which he founded in 2014, and invests in many other startups. Beracha is also involved in extreme sports, mainly kitesurfing and serves as an inspiration for disabled athletes all over the world.

Rami Beracha served as a mentor and role model for the young people who went through the journey and especially to Shmuel Mordechai, with whom a special contact was made from the first moment they met.

Mordechai elaborated, "Rami guided me, let me find out and explained to me what he was experiencing and going through. Throughout the journey, he grabbed me hand in hand, climbed rocks, and descended pebbles. This man is simply inspirational, he has given me strength."

Mordechai received his prosthesis only a short time before embarking on the journey, so it was the first time he had to pass a significant test with her. Indeed, there were difficult moments when Mordechai had to stop and rearrange the prosthesis. Beracha was there to help and support the difficult moments, and eventually Mordechai ended the journey successfully.

Go to the link to read more about the IDF Wounded Friends Association and Rami Beracha's work. The association is a registered association (through the IDF Disability Fund) No. 580052736. Address of the association: Shmuel Barkai 49 Tel Aviv