MRI machine
MRI machine iStock

A cancer patient undergoing an MRI examination at the Assuta Clinic in Ashdod claims she got stuck inside the large machine without being able to move, the Seder Yom program posted on Monday.

The patient pressed the distress button for many minutes but there was no response. She said that since the November 2018 incident she has been in distress and anxiety and even started taking antidepressants.

Assuta checked the incident, and the woman was told that the technician had to go out but briefed the secretary how to act if the distress button was pushed - but apparently the briefing was unsuccessful.

Assuta said in response: "The case will be investigated in depth by the hospital's management, including disciplinary treatment. The patient was offered generous compensation and received an apology at the same time. However, she chose to seek legal recourse and therefore the medical center can only give its detailed description to the court."

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