Nechama Rivlin's grave
Nechama Rivlin's graveMark Neiman/GPO

Thirty days after the First Lady of Israel, Nechama Rivlin, passed away, family and friends gathered Thursday at her grave in the Great Leaders of the Nation plot at Mount Herzl. Her gravestone reads ‘Nechama Rivlin, daughter of this land’, and plaque on the plot reads ‘She always lent a helping hand and treasured life's simple moments.’

Herbs were planted around her grave: thyme, sage, mint, rosemary and many others that Nechama particularly loved. President Reuven Rivlin, Nechama's husband, read Psalms at her grave, together with his daughters and son, who also read Kaddish, the traditional Jewish mourners’ prayer, with him at the end of the gathering.

Special pebbles were placed on the tombstone by those who came to the grave, prepared by the painter and artist Keren Spielsher with red hearts on them.

From there the family continued to a private event in the gardens of Beit HaNasi, during which the family will read pieces of poetry that Nechama loved, and her daughter Rivi and Arik Kilmanik, founder and director of the Jerusalem Print Workshop, which Nechama used to frequent will speak in her memory.

Mark Eliahu, whose work Nechama loved to listen to, will play and Aviv Gefen will sing two songs: "Thorns", and the Beatles' "Yesterday" together with his son Dylan.