Binyamin Brigade 43rd Reserve Battalion training
Binyamin Brigade 43rd Reserve Battalion trainingEliran Aharon

Binyamin Brigade 43rd Reserve Battalion commanders, under the command of Lt. Col. Uka Y., left their homes and families behind and arrived this week to practice marksmanship, urban warfare, and be trained on state-of-the-art IDF combat simulators.

Arutz Sheva's correspondent accompanied and documented the soldiers at training and heard about their readiness and willingness to contribute to Israel's security and defend the country. "What we're seeing here is the urban combat training, which is designed to resemble extreme emergency situations where the battalion would be required one day in operational or emergency employment to mobilize and defend the State," says battalion commander Uka.

The training this week is part of a three-year program: "This training happens every three years, training as a commanders' service, in the three-year reserve model. We're talking about a year of operational employment, a year of commander training, and a year of full training with the entire battalion framework. It's several days' training that begins here and ends up in other places, including surprises," says Uka with a knowing smile.

צפו באימון טקטי של גדוד המילואים 43אלירן אהרון

The army doesn't remain idle and constantly updates fighting doctrine: "The enemy is busy developing himself, and he always challenges us and improves. Therefore, these training sessions are intended primarily to shake out the dust, sharpen drills, and learn about the new means and practices that have been accepted in the army."

In contrast to regular soldiers and career officers, reserve soldiers and officers leave behind families, businesses, and work, but Uka notes they do so gladly to contribute to the State: "There's endless satisfaction; being a battalion commander is challenging. At any given time we could be called to contribute to the State; we don't ask where.

"This feeling is joined by other excellent commanders in the battalion and brigade who now leave their entire private world in civilian life and come to reserve duty for as long as is required and train. In my opinion this is a mission and we'll do it as much as necessary.

"The army is prepared for the next battle. I can testify that my battalion is all set. I think that in the last three years both in terms of training and in terms of operational employment and leadership training, we made a quantum leap and I think we are ready for any scenario."