Smotrich heckled
Smotrich heckledSpokesman

National Union Chairman and Right Parties Union candidate MK Betzalel Smotrich spoke at the Choosing Agriculture conference held today with participation of politicians and public figures.

However, unlike the rest of the speakers, his remarks were repeatedly interrupted by audience members claiming the Agriculture Ministry had diverted budgets to settlements rather than agriculture.

Smotrich firmly rejected the claims, saying "there's a small handful who are adopting a strategy of the radical Left, that is, dividing between populations, trying to pit agriculture and settlement against settlement in Samaria, and to divide the pioneers against each other."

Smotrich said, "One shekel of Agriculture Ministry budget didn't go to settle Judea and Samaria, one shekel; a lie repeated several times doesn't become true.

"There's a coalition budget earmarked for Judea and Samaria, and not one shekel from the Agriculture Ministry has gone to National Service or to settlements," Smotrich said. "It's ignorance, wickedness, and hypocrisy.

"I salute settlement in Judea and Samaria as a continuation of the Zionist vision, and I'll invest all my resources in it," he said. "And at the same time - without contradiction, I know how to do both. I'm also committed to settling the Negev and the Galilee, for agriculture and production, because this is Zionism and this is the continuation of the Zionist vision in the State of Israel."

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