Attorneys Itamar ben Gvir and Adi Kedar
Attorneys Itamar ben Gvir and Adi Kedar Flash 90

Four of the five minors arrested by the Shin Bet security service who for many days were not allowed to meet with their lawyers and who, according to them, underwent abusive interrogations, will be released today and placed under house arrest.

Attorney Chai Haber of the Honenu organization that represents some of the boys said, "As expected, the Shin Bet now informed the court it wants to release all but one of the suspects from detention.

"We're of course happy about this, but we'll demand an investigation be conducted into how the Shin Bet came to such a situation where it interrogates innocents so harshly, ignoring the cries of the families and lawyers. The Shin Bet again caused emotional damage to innocent youths," Haber added.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir who represents one of the suspects said, "From the first moment, I claimed the suspicion wasn't serious and from the moment I saw the Shin Bet spins and heard about the tendentious leaks, it was clear the detention was mainly due to public relations considerations. I don't understand how the prosecution allowed the arrests when it was clear from the outset there was no material linking the suspects, including my client, to involvement in the act.

"My client spent 12 days in serious interrogation that caused him trauma, and now one question needs to be asked: Who will compensate him for that trauma? I expect Shin Bet interrogators to conduct a soul-searching. I estimate all detainees will be released within a short time," he said.

Attorney Adi Kedar from Honenu added, "The police are asking to release minors suspected of murder, thus confirming our claims from the first moment that not only are they innocent, but rather involved in a completely incorrect investigation. I expect the police and Shin Bet to apologize to the youths and their families and to the rabbis."