Returning to Amona
Returning to Amona Self

Tamar Nizri, one of those uprooted from Amona, returned with her family last Shabbat to the ruins of Amona. She told Arutz Sheva about the uplifting Shabbat.

"It was really exciting and it was a surprise for us, everything was kept very quiet, but on Friday morning we were surprised to discover that two caravans were standing in Amona, all because of the recent difficult events, and we understood that we were going to do Shabbat there. As far as we’re concerned, we hope that there will be permanent settlement there. At the moment it's an agricultural farm with a permanent presence, but we hope it will be a settlement again."

"We have been in Amichai since Passover of last year, and we are planning to build our new home there, but our heart is still in Amona," says Nizri. “We haven’t stopped hoping to return to that familiar and beloved place and to rebuild it. It's important to us that Amona, even though it is now an agricultural farm, will have a permanent presence and we are happy if anyone wants to come and be part of it.”

She described how, during the Shabbat, they did not stop receiving cakes from Ofra residents. “It was an uplifting feeling and great happiness. My husband, Yehoyada, the master chef, was appointed over the cooking and we were all on Shabbat together, the whole family, including the married daughter, as well as another forty-fifty teenagers. There was not even heating but it was a Shabbat of great exaltation. My husband was called to the Torah and they threw candies. Throughout the Shabbat the residents of Ofra went to Amona and brought us cakes. That warmed our hearts."