The soldiers had fought with bravery
The soldiers had fought with bravery IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Ephraim Regional Brigade Commander Colonel Idan Katz, awarded certificates of appreciation to the IDF soldiers that foiled a terror attack outside Ariel last month.

During the incident on October q5, First Sergeant A and First Sergeant S. from the Artillery Corps' 55th Battalion Regiment shot and killed a terrorist after he lunged at them at the Gitai Avishar Junction in Samaria.

"The vigilance, the vigilance and the professionalism of the soldiers on the ground are what led to the successful neutralization of the terrorist and the end of the incident in the way it ended," said Katz.

"For me this is an opportunity to express my great appreciation for their important and significant contribution to protecting the security of the residents and the sector. The fighters acted as expected of them with sharpness and accuracy, and for this they are given a certificate of appreciation, "added Katz.