Car attacked near Shfaram
Car attacked near Shfaram Honenu

A Jewish car carrying a couple and a baby, residents of Katzrin, was attacked at noon with a stone near Shfaram in the Galilee. The stone shattered the car window, but the baby sitting nearby and his parents were miraculously not hurt.

The incident occurred on Route 79 between the village of Bir al-Maksur and Shfaram. Police officers who arrived at the scene opened an investigation.

"We made our way for a walk in Nahal Zippori, we drove near Shfaram, where they threw a stone at us. Suddenly we heard a loud crack. Luckily, the baby’s seat was on the other side of the car. Everything filled with glass,” the mother, Tamar, related.

Attorney Haim Bleicher of the Honenu legal organization, which helps the couple realize their rights as victims of crime, stated: "Islamic Arab Terrorism must be eliminated everywhere. When the response is feeble, terror spreads to the inside of the country as well. We call upon police and the authorities to act against the terrorists and not deny their existence by denying the rights of the terror victims."

רכב ישראלי הותקף סמוך לשפרעם