Yeshivat Aish HaTorah held its annual Sukkot breakfast on the roof of the school on the morning of the Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessing) at the Western Wall.

"It's very spiritual," said Rabbi Steven Burg, the CEO of Aish HaTorah. "Of course, everyone wants the Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple). That's why we're all here, hoping for it. But this is the next best thing. Even if you don't have the Beit HaMikdash, you have all the Kohanim gathered together, giving the blessing. You feel like you've been taken back 2,000 years and tat you're really here back in the times of the Temple."

Rabbi Burg said that he considers the yeshiva "the United Nations of the Jewish people, because we get over 10,000 people a month. Some weeks we have over 5,000. The amount of languages which are spoken here, the amount of people coming through, and Aish HaTorah really is that."

"We're ambassadors. We try to explain to people why the Jewish people is important, why is it important to be Jewish, what contribution have we brought to the world, how do you get close to the Almighty. Those are the things that we give out to so many people, and being here at the center of the world is key to delivering our message.

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